Monday, February 17, 2014

Desk Disaster

Cleaning Challenge

The Desk

Today I tackled cleaning and purging items on the top of my desk.  I set a timer for fifteen minutes and worked.  I did go over a little bit but that is only because for some reason the timer that I set on my phone didn't make a noise.  Also, the little monkey was taking a nap, so I didn't have a problem with me working on.  


I don't think that this is too bad after only fifteen or so minutes of work and I feel like I got so much accomplished in that short amount of time.  

I kept just the address book (The red Book).
  • Threw away the white and small green notebook.
  • Threw away the journal. 
  • Put the umbrella by the door. 
  • Gave my husband the blue notebook back.
  • Put away the coloring book (yes I color :D)
I moved my green rock and put the fish food behind the green rock. 

I moved the green notebook over to the right side. 

In the middle side I put the white basket (which holds hats and scarves) near the shoes and umbrellas.  I also organized the papers. 

I have big plans for the green notebook.  I want this to be my Home Management Binder.  The Home Management Binder is one of my goals for March. 

The BIG thing that I have learned is that forward progress is better than no progress. 

 I have to stop beating myself up for not having in 100 percent perfect when I clean.  I did not make this mess in one day there is no way that I am going to clean up the mess in one day.  Even if I am able to clean this house in one day I have to maintain it or I will be sitting here frustrated in about a week.  

It will take more time in the beginning to get things where I want them and situate things how they need to be for me to be more productive.  Eventually though I will be able to spend less time cleaning and purging and will be able to spend more time 

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