Monday, November 5, 2012

A Journey of a Thousand Miles.....

            It seems like a lifetime ago that my then fiancé and I were discussing where our lives would take us.  The world was ours to have.  While we were deciding what direction we needed to bring our life I asked my husband if he ever regretted not finishing college.  After a pause that seemed to carry on for hours my husband replied that, “yes” he regretted not finishing college.
            It was with that one syllable answer that our lives turned into a whirl wind of action. We were married on a beautiful day in October in the lovely southern sunshine only a few months after that talk. For a little under a year we worked hard long hours, paid off most of our debt and saved as much money as we could.  With our life crammed into an SUV and a hitch along trailer we finally left for the journey that seemed to never arrive.
            On the first day of September 2009 we left the beautiful state of South Carolina.  Three days later and 1000 miles behind us we finally came careening into Boston…during rush hour!  We were so close yet so far from our final destination.  It took us another two hours to finally step foot into the house that had only been viewed online.  This is how a small town country girl is surviving and thriving in the BIG CITY.  

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