Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Menu Planning

With the economy the way it is now we are all looking for a few new ways to save money.  I am still looking and willing to try something new.  Some of the things that I try are couponing, menu planning and cooking with as little red meat as possible.

One of my new favorite ways to save money is Menu Planning.  I have finally found a great menu plan that I enjoy and is set up almost perfectly! 

I have been using this page for the past few weeks and I have seen the last minute rush to scramble to find something for dinner drop dramatically.  I am creating my own personal calendar for 2013 (More on that to come!) and the only thing that I have changed is the start date is Monday and not Sunday.

It has been nice to have a plan in place for dinner.  I started menu planning by brainstorming some of my favorite meals.  I have about fifteen now.  I am waiting on the list from my husband for his favorite meals. 

With the list of my favorite meals I have been able to reference it before I go to the grocery store and make my meal plan instead of getting that crazy look and saying ”what is it that we like to eat”?

What are some ways that you guys save money at the grocery store?

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